Welcome to Stafford Furs!

Hello and welcome to the StaffordFurs official site for furry community in Stafford, welcoming all of the furs, scales to feathers and anyone in-between. Meets are generally every 4 weeks, mainly during the last weeks of the month. This site is aimed to keep you informed about the meets, the dates of meets and who the staff are.

December 2016 Disband

Unfortunately, from the end of December 2016 the regular StaffordFurs meet has come to an end! :( This is due to staff members and regular furs moving away from the area leaving all meet organisation down to one staff member with little, and sometimes none, attendees to the meets. The closure of the Staffordshire University campus has also affected our numbers due to that being near a University brought in new furs even if they moved far way after their studies but with a guarantee of at least a couple of new furs every couple of years. Hopefully in the future the meets will come back alive.

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