StaffordFurs Code of Conduct!

1: Staffordfurs furmeets are all about having fun and enjoying yourself with other furs, however, bear in mind you are in a public place, therefore you must behave accordingly. Please do not do anything that could be classed as public indecency or in contravention to the Public Order Act. Ask an organiser if you do not know what that means.


2: Make sure that you are dressed appropriately for the meet. There will be a lot of activities that mean that unsuitable clothing may make you uncomfortable. Collars, tails, paws etc are okay to wear as long as they can be detached/taken off easily if required. If you want to bring rubber/plastic clothing, or you are not sure if it will be okay, speak to a member of staff first.


3: The Staffordfurs staff are responsible for your safety and welfare, if you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask them. If the staff has required you not to do something, this is due to for your own safety and protection.


4: If you are wanting to fursuit, make sure you have adequate water supply and someone is always around to help in case of overheating. The staff will make recommendations if it is going to be suitable weather or not to do this activity, but we cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss whatsoever if you choose to do it.


5: If somebody does something that you don't like, or take offence to, speak to a member of staff in the first instance. Don't try to solve it yourself as this could cause drama. Drama is to be left at home, not at the furmeets. We won't tolerate it and we will ask you to leave the group if you cause it.


6: As we are in public places most of the time, the normal rules and laws apply as regards to littering. It's a no brainer, don't do it!


7: If you get approached by a member of the public who is curious about what this is about, don't be afraid to answer their questions but have some tact when you do. You are representing the group as a whole. A good thing to say is "It's a following on the Internet that meets up and has a bit of fun." but it is up to you what you say.


8: If you have any suggestions on what to do during meet days, approach a member of staff and suggest it! It saves us having to do the same thing every week.


By attending the furmeets, you agree to these rules and agree to help make Staffordfurs meets fun and exciting. Please do note though that the staff have the right to modify or add new rules as they see fit in the interests of safety and security.